Friday, July 1, 2011

Richards Sweeps

With the first day of Free Agency pretty much come and gone, it looks as though the Leafs camp will adopt a "Wait and See" approach to the Richards saga. Howard Berger of "Berger Bytes has reported that a source has told him the Maple Leafs are presenting a shorter term contract with a higher payout. I personally wold have been more keen on offering a longer term contract, but I'm no GM, so what do I know? There have also been unconfirmed reports that the New York Rangers do not have the highest offer  on the table. I heard from one of my Tweeps that Dion Phaneuf was reported to have called Richards personally this morning, and had a lengthy conversation. Interesting, NO?

Whether the Maple Leafs attain the services of Brad Richards or not, the team still has a lot of growing to do. Adding a player like Brad would most definitely be a catalyst to any future success this roster could have and would help with the maturation process.

So...Let's wait and see.

...And Remember My Fellow Leafers...


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