Monday, August 15, 2011


The ire of Leafs Nation never fades these days, as this team has not made the playoffs in 6+ years now. Mr. Brian Burke is trying to give them something they've been missing for almost half a century; I won't bother saying what it is because I among many have heard it WAY too much in the last 6 years. The long suffering fan-base has seen good players come and go, playoff runs that boiled their blood, and awful play that made the season seem 3 years long. In all this time though the Leafs could never boast a talented farm system in any such way. The last 3 years the Maple Leafs have seen growth in every facet of the game, giving some credence to the hiring of GM Brian Burke. When has this franchise improved so much with any other GM in its history? Well the only answer I could even think of is Conn Smythe; Seeing as that is 40 years past now, it's time to start acknowledging the successes of this NEW management team.

One of the best things that this management team did was hiring Dallas Eakins as their AHL Head Coach. There are numerous current prospect/players that have spoke very well about Eakins coaching, such as Tyler Bozak and Joe Colborne. He is an intense person who expects tremendous effort in all of his players. He rewards success with more minutes and  gives second chances and better opportunities with failures. He is well liked and respected throughout the Toronto Marlies locker room. Dallas Eakins is my pick for who takes the reins as the Head Coach of the Leafs if Ron Wilson should be fired before this upcoming mid-season.

Top Players In The AHL 
Jake Gardiner
Jesse Blacker
Nazem Kadri
Joe Colborne
Matt Frattin
Jussi Rynnas

Top Players In The CHL/ College
Brad Ross
Greg McKegg
Josh Nichols
Sondre Olden
Stuart Percy
David Broll
Tyler Biggs

Monday, August 8, 2011

Caught In The Weber of Want

As many people people will suggest over the next few months, the Maple Leafs should make a play for Shea Weber. Is this a realistic outcome?.... Probably not, considering how the Predators were fleeced by Brian Burke a couple months ago. My option may be less feasible due to contractual reasons.
Here's my suggestion:
Trade for Shea Weber if he's available, play out most of the season. Whether he's a force on the blue-line or is just taking up capspace, trade him before the trade deadline.
Then you will ask:
"But Justin, why would you trade an AllStar defenceman?" Thats get a TRUE #1 Centre.
I'm thinking maybe a Jordan Stall or Paul Statsny.

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