Thursday, July 14, 2011

Understanding Burke

Guest Blogger: KF_Kadri43
In the latest press conference by Brian Burke, he stated that he is done for now. But is he?

We all realize there are potentially 9 NHL defensemen, (including Finger and Lashoff), so what is going on in Burke’s head? Is he actually planning on heading into the season with all these defenders? Well, I am here to tell you lovely, good looking, well brought up, intelligent, respectful, caring, Leaf fans, that Burke is NOT done.

A couple things are running through my head. After watching the press conference many, many times, I see that Burke often contradicts himself. He claims he is done for now, but seconds later he says we have enough defensemen to use one in a trade if need be.

Burkie is a go big or go home type of guy. Is he really thinking Connolly is our answer to get Kessel up to a 50 goal scorer? Sure he can set people up, but not first line quality. Therefore, technically we have 2 2nd line centers.  That’s another sign a trade might happen. Brian likes to fill the holes from a trade, before the trade even happens. Which is why I believe he got Franson, and Connolly. If I had to place a bet, I say so far it looks like Grabovski and Gunnarsson are lined up to be traded. Connolly can take Grabo’s place, he has chemistry with MacArthur from BUF, and Kulemin works well with everyone. Franson is a better version of Gunnarsson, but they are similar players.

Alas, another point that Burke is not done. Since when does a GM, especially Burke, come out and say he is done. No one asked him a question, he just said it.  My guess is that he said he is done, just to get other GM’s to think he isn’t desperate. If we were desperate for a #1 center, teams will rack there price up. Now, Burke can do what he does best, and pounce on wounded pray. A team like NYI or COL who are under the cap floor, are going to get desperate to take on salary. Which makes a guy like Mr. Jeff Finger become valuable.

I feel bad for spilling the beans, but sorry Burkie boy, you can’t fool KF.

Let me know what you think... Is Burke done? Or he is playing his cards right?

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