Monday, July 18, 2011

25 Things On My Mind

Guest Blogger: KF_Kadri43

I could make a bunch of little blogs, but what’s the point. Here is some things that are on my mind.

1.       Don’t worry about Luke Schenn not signing. It WILL get done.

2.       Stamkos will NOT become a Leaf.  1/20 chance Parise gets moved.

3.       Jonas Gustavsson is looking to take back his #1 spot. He says he is finally healthy.

4.       Nazem Kadri for Kyle Turris is like trading $5.00 for $5.00... Maybe even $5.50 for $5.00.

5.       Cody Franson is a lot better than people think.

6.       Tim Connolly is a good 2nd line center. 1st line? Doubt it.

7.       Don’t always listen to Burke. He plays the game very smart. The media is one of his tools.

8.       Call me crazy, but I am terrified Reimer will suffer from the sophomore slump

9.       Ron Wilson is do or die.

10.   Don’t think of Komisarek as a “negative”. He has skill, he doesn’t have confidence.

11.   Jeff Finger has trade value. Ask Brett Lebda.

12.   We are a playoff team. Key word, “playoff”. Not cup contending. Answer: True #1 Center

13.   With a point per game playmaker, Kessel CAN be a 50 goal scorer.

14.   PREDICTION: Dion Phaneuf- 14 goals, 32 assists. Huge bounce back year.

15.   Joey Crabb needs to be signed back.

16.   MLSE might be getting impatient. They don’t understand the time it takes for long term success.

17.   Speaking of long term success, why are people throwing Kadri’s name around like a football.

18.   Luke Schenn paired with Dion Phaneuf could mean Noris for one?

19.   Ryan Hamilton will be the first Marlies call up...if healthy. Jake Gardiner, first defence call up.

20.   Matt Frattin is the best pure sniper, behind Kessel.

21.   Leafs new 3rd jersey is pretty sweet. Hopefully it brings good luck.

22.   I’d put my money on Tyler Biggs if ANYONE is going to make it out of camp.

23.   Lombardi, 70% he WILL return. 20% he takes the season  (maybe half) off. 10% he retires.

24.   We have the assets to make a trade, and have no risk of doing worse.

25.   2014, Leaf will win the Stanley Cup!

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