Friday, August 30, 2013


Justin Smith

My Rant

With the apparent joking going on between Phil Kessel and Nazem Kadri I wonder if this is a good thing? After waiting patiently for months to see if the Leafs best centre will be signed, it seems to be a joke now. Kessel has stated that he teases Kadri about it and believes it will get done. Well my question is why now? There has been speculation in the media as of late that Kadri's agent is stalling to try to make a name for himself by trying to wait out Leafs management. Although this is the thought, it is also assumed that Kadri's agent will eventually have no choice but to sign whatever contract is put in front of him. And just for the record: I believe this to be the case as well. 

SO. I go back to my original question. Why is this so funny now? Why is it so clear he will be signed?

I guess it could be hockey jargon being spouted in place of actual information that cannot be discussed. Either way I think it absolutely absurd that this would be so funny now. If it is so certain the contract will get done then where the hell was the contract two months ago?

All I know is that for every day that goes by without the Leafs ACTUAL number one centre being signed, I further believe that something stupid will happen. LIKE TRADING HIM!

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